Our Licensing & Distribution Business Model

Our Business Model revolves around the facilitation of licensing & distribution arrangements between leading local and regional companies ("Licensees") and US/Europe/Japan-innovative based pharmaceutical/biotech/medical device companies ("Licensors").

The selected products are manufactured and shipped from the licensor’s plant in a fully finished form in return for an agreed supply price.

The Contribution of the companies in our network (Licensees)

  • Product Registration
  • Trademark Registration
  • Product Promotion
  • Direct Selling
  • Distribution
  • Potential toll manufacturing/packaging (if required)

The Benefits for US, Europe and Japan-based Companies (Licensors)

  • Penetration into fast growing markets
  • Effective approach to cultural barriers
  • Proven model by multinational pharmaceutical companies
  • Low cost of operation and avoidance of fixed costs
  • Trusted network of partners
  • Dealing with a one company ("one stop-shop") - The Harel Group

Global Markets represent an attractive business opportunity to innovative companies and the licensing and distribution business model has a proven track record.The Harel Group has formed a unique and trusted network of leading local and regional partners in the Emerging Markets that can add value in a relatively short time through a resource efficient process.