Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

The Harel Group is helping pharmaceutical and medical device companies grow through commercial collaborations (co-promoting, co-marketing), licensing, distribution arrangements, and mergers and acquisitions. In a time when the pharmaceutical industry is facing growing pricing and reimbursement pressures and a limited number of breakthrough product introductions, creative business solutions are an ideal investment.

The Harel Group serves as a conduit between large, multi-national pharmaceutical companies and regional and local fast growing market companies to produce value generating transactions.

Generics and Branded Generics

In the past decade the generics in​dustry was able to take advantage of growing pricing and reimbursement pressures and low cost manufacturing.

This trend continues as generics offer more favorable pricing with similar efficacy to branded pharmaceuticals. New formulations, delivery systems, and combination therapies will fuel future growth in this segment. The Harel Group is poised to facilitate product acquisitions and research collaborations between generics and research-based companies.


The Harel Group is connected to a large number of startup companies, many of them in the biotechnology and medical device fields. These companies are engaged in the early stages of research and discovery requiring funding and partnering opportunities.

The Harel Group helps these companies identify funding sources, as well as assists in the formation of partnerships and collaborations with private equity firms, venture capital companies and investment banks.

Medical Devices

The Harel Group has a large database of innovative medical device companies . Some of these companies already commercialize their products and some are in the different stages of research and development .

The Harel Group helps these companies with the identification of potential partnerships and fund raising opportunities and with the facilitation of distributorship transactions.