The Harel Group we offer undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to obtain real world, hands on experience that will prove invaluable in taking the next step in your career. We provide two different internships one as a Business Analyst and the other as an IT Specialist.

Business Analyst Internship

Required Skills and Attitude:

  • Must have the abilities to analyze, plan, organize, and communicate
  • Experience in Project Management
  • Understanding of the BioPharma Industry
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Highly motivated
  • A Team player
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • International experience (preferred, not mandatory)
  • Multilingual (preferred, not mandatory)
  • Basic understanding of the biopharma or life sciences industry (highly desirable)

Range of Responsibility:

  • Search and analyze innovative companies in the U.S., Europe and Japan
  • Review and coordinate agreements and contracts
  • Develop financial models, consolidate sales forecasts and commercial inputs
  • Participate in contract negotiations and strategy discussions
  • Develop and participate in client presentations
  • Monitor the company activities
  • Develop and enhance the customer relation management system

IT Specialist Internship

Required Skills and Attitude:

  • Software development skills
  • Problem solving skills, especially IT trouble-shooting
  • Basic understanding of customer relationship management
  • Basic understanding of key social media tools and utilization for business purposes
  • Project management skills
  • Planning & organization skills
  • Communication skills
  • MS Office skills
  • Highly motivated
  • Team player
  • Creative thinking

Range of Responsibility:

  • Implement and support the upgrade of customer relation management (CRM) system
  • Support users to effectively interface with the CRM
  • Create customized project management tools and link to the CRM
  • Collaborate with users to create reports to inform decision making and business insights
  • Document system changes and revisions
  • Establish efficient communication channel to engage target customers
  • Support the development and implementation of social media strategies

Experience YOU will Gain:

  • Knowledge of real world, global pharmeceutical and medical device business
  • Exposure to company decision makers
  • Opportunities to interact with pharmaceutical executives
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Understanding of how a startup company operates
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ability to work with a team
  • FUN!!!

For further information, please contact The Harel Group.