The Harel Group's main service is the identification of partnering opportunities and the facilitation of commercial collaboration between pharmaceutical companies operating in Fast Growing Markets (Licensees) and U.S./European/Japan based pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies (Licensors).

These commercial collaborations add value to both parties as follows:

Companies that do not have a presence in Fast Growing Markets (Licensors) will benefit from relations with leading regional/local companies that can facilitate the registration of their products, protect their brands and initiate the commercialization of their products in Fast Growing Markets.

At the same time, companies in Fast Growing Markets (Licensees) will benefit from an association with research-based pharmaceutical companies and from the commercialization of their products in these markets.

The Harel Group also provides a variety of services related to the following types of transactions:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Divestitures (e.g. products and facilities)
  • Licensing
  • Distribution

Mergers and Acquisitions

The Harel Group serves as a “buy side” advisor to companies wishing to acquire small to mid-size U.S.-based companies and a “sell side” advisor to small start-up life sciences companies interested in partnerships and acquisitions.

The Harel Group prepares non-confidential and confidential material, facilitates the introduction of potential buyers or partners, supports the due diligence process, collects proposals and negotiates transactions, all in close collaboration with its clients.

The Harel Group's services include credentialed regulatory, legal, finance, tax and manufacturing support.

Asset Divestitures

 The Harel Group provides the following services to facilitate product, manufacturing and research facilities divestitures:

- Assets identification

- Potential buyer's Identification

- Data room preparation

- Due diligence

- External benchmarking

- Financial evaluation and analysis

- Transaction facilitation

- Transaction negotiation

Products and facilities divestitures can be highly complicated, requiring the support of several functions in both the seller and the buyer's organizations. The Harel Group will navigate through the different stakeholders, will support the development of the divestiture strategy, will provide external benchmarks and will work with both parties to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion.

Commercial Collaboration

The Harel Group acts as an advisor to life science companies that are interested in licensing in or out products prior to or after local registration, distribution arrangement or third party promotion.

The Harel Group services include:

- Strategy development

- Partner identification

- Partner introduction

- Due diligence

- Data room preparation

- Financial analysis

- Transaction negotiation

The Harel Group's main added value comes from many years of experience of building partnerships between local companies and

large multinational companies.

The Harel Group will focus on the identification of the right products and partners, setting up the transaction process, and monitoring the progress in negotiations all the way to the execution of the agreements. In some cases, subject to the client's request, The Harel Group will engage in the negotiations side by side with the client.

Support Services

The Harel Group works with global contract research organizations (CROs), contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), and contract sales organizations (CSOs) to expedite and contain the cost of pharmaceutical research and development, manufacturing, and sales.

The Harel Group is equipped to design and implement effective outsourcing strategies that enable companies to avoid long-term expenses, unnecessary headcount, and at the same time, gain external expertise and support during periods of new product launch.